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Feed Mill Systems

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MEI designs, builds, and installs feed mill systems that can expand as your company grows. Whether you’re just getting started, or an established business, we have the equipment and the experience to help you or your company succeed. We represent manufacturers of high quality feed mill equipment to ensure long life and efficient operation. Some equipment manufacturers that we represent are:

▪ Scott mixers.
▪ Meridian Mfg Group hopper bins.
▪ Hutchinson feed augers.
▪ Behlen hopper bins.
▪ Massop Electric Inc. feed legs.
▪ Massop Electric Inc overhead bins and structures.
▪ Roscamp roller mills.
▪ Jacobson hammer mills. 


We also have a large selection of new and used feed mill equipment in stock. Please contact us to discuss how we may help with your company's feed mill system needs